How to Make a Shisha

How to Make a Shisha

You can make a shisha with any kind of tobacco, but it is a good idea to use a mix of different flavors. The flavor of the hookah smoke depends on the kind of shisha you choose, as well as the amount of glycerine and other additives in the mixture.

The ingredients you need for a good shisha are: Tobacco, glycerine or honey, flavorings and molasses (or corn/sugar syrup). In general, the more glycerine is in the mix, the better the smoke will be. The best way to find the right balance is to try a few different brands and see which ones you like the most.

Start by getting a high-quality tobacco. Ideally, you want to get some that is already cut and sorted into small pieces. This makes it easier to pack the shisha. Some people even wash their tobacco to remove tar and other flavors before chopping it up into small bits.

Next, you’ll need a hookah bowl and a hose to go with it. You can get these from a hookah store or you can make them yourself with items around the house.

Once you’ve got the materials, set up your hookah. Depending on the type of shisha you’re using, you might need to use a heat management device. These can be anything from a piece of aluminum foil to a glass that can hold coals.

Now, put some shisha tobacco into the bowl and place the foil over it to prevent burning. Be sure to leave 2 millimeters between the top of the tobacco and the foil. This will help ensure that the shisha doesn’t burn too quickly and will keep the smoke fresher.

You can also wrap a piece of paper towel around the bowl and the foil to help slow down the heat. This will also prevent the coals from scratching the surface of the foil. If you’re using a larger shisha head, then it may be necessary to cover it with multiple layers of foil. This will help the coals to burn evenly, which is important for producing a nice, thick, smoky flavor.

Another alternative is to use a piece of aluminum foil that’s sized for the bowl you’re using. This will allow you to pack the bowl tightly but won’t make it too tight, which can interfere with your ability to inhale properly.

Lastly, you’ll need some charcoal. You can either use quick-lighting or natural charcoal, which will both work for smoking a shisha. Be sure to check the packaging and use a good brand to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

1. Don’t Buy From the Store

One of the biggest mistakes that a newbie smoker makes is buying shisha from the store without examining the quality first. Many times, these are shady, no-name products that will rust out in a few weeks. This is especially true if you live in an area that is known for heavy rainfall or snow.

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