How to Make a Curtain For a Skylight

How to Make a Curtain For a Skylight

When it comes to designing your home, window coverings like curtains and drapes can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a space. Whether you’re looking for simple panels that add neutrality or dramatic drapes that make a statement, choosing the right fabric and style is critical.

Choosing the Right Skylight Curtain Size

You’ll want your curtains to fit tightly against the wall without billowing out in the center. This is why you should measure both the width and length of your windows, as well as one end of the rod or other sides if you’re using a rod that extends on both sides of your window frame.

Depending on your budget and the style of your window, you may also consider adding a shade or liner to your curtains to block out light and reduce glare. These are available in a variety of colors, styles and materials.

Sheers: Sheers provide minimal privacy and light filtration, and they’re an easy and economical option. They’re lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms or any room that wants to stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter.

If you don’t have a rod for your curtains, there are a number of inexpensive alternatives to consider, including curtain liners that attach to a second curtain rod behind your current ones. These liners can be purchased in a variety of fabrics and patterns, and they come in standard sizes that will fit most window frames.

Grommets: Grommet curtains are hung by threading the curtain pole through a small hole in the top of the fabric. They often have a row of stitching around the edges or they may use a grommet to prevent fraying.

Decorative: Generally speaking, decorative curtains offer more flexibility in terms of color, fabric and style than traditional curtain panels. They can be hung in a number of ways, from tab-top to rod-pocket, and they also come in a wide range of lengths.

They’re also more durable than most other types of drapes, since they’re essentially made from an asymmetrical fabric that has both sides exposed. They’re a great choice for a window that faces the sun, as they’ll help keep it out of your eyes while still allowing plenty of natural light in.

Kwik-Hang Brackets: You can hang your curtains without screws with these brackets, which are available in a number of colors and are designed to be attached to your window trim. They’re easy to align, tap in and secure, so they’ll be perfect every time!

You can also purchase adhesive covers that adhere directly to your skylight’s windowpane for a more budget-friendly option. Adhesive covers are available in a wide range of opaque and transparent colors and can be removed easily if your window pane needs to be replaced.

Decorative Sheers: If you have a window that faces the sun, opt for short sheer curtains matched with a valance across the top of the window. This design trick will help your skylight appear higher and more spacious, and it’ll give you the opportunity to incorporate a beautiful pattern or texture into your decor.

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