How to Make a Bunny From a Toilet Paper Roll

How to Make a Bunny From a Toilet Paper Roll

Making bunny toilet paper roll crafts is a fun and unique craft for children. These cute Easter decorations can be used as party favors, stuffed animals, or as a way to hold tiny Easter eggs. You can use colored craft paper for these bunnies or just white. Whether you want to make a single bunny or several, these cute decorations are simple to make.

To start, you’ll need a toilet paper roll, a pencil, and a marker. If you’re making a single bunny, you’ll only need to cut out the head and face. For a couple of bunnies, you’ll need to cut out two arms, one foot, and a belly piece. As you’re making these, you can add additional accessories such as ears, cheeks, and a tail. This is also a great way to get your children to practice their cutting skills.

After you have finished the head and face, you’ll need to add the bunny ears, cheeks, and teeth. The ears should be glued onto the back of the head piece, and the cheeks should be glued to the bottom of the mouth. Your child may need some help with this part, especially if they’re young.

After the bunny is done, you can decorate it with accessories like a pom pom or bow tie. Younger children will probably need some help with gluing, but older kids will be able to do this themselves. In addition, you can use a paint pen to draw on the facial features.

Using a paper rectangle that’s approximately the same size as the toilet paper roll, fold the paper into a tube. Then, put tape along both the inside and outside edges. Once the roll is covered, glue the ends together.

Depending on the style of the bunny, you can make it with either a pipe cleaner or a pom pom. If you’re using a pom pom, you’ll need to place it about half an inch below the two eyes. A polka dot nose is a cute accessory, but a white pipe cleaner is easy enough for young kids to do.

Next, you’ll need some raffia whiskers. You can attach them to the middle of a large oval or to the top of googly eyes. Finally, you’ll need a pair of ear pieces. Alternatively, you can use gummed paper for this part.

If you’re making a pair of bunnies, you’ll need to make four ear pieces. Use one large piece of white construction paper for the outside ear, and then two smaller pieces for the inside ear. Each ear should be centered over the other. Afterward, stick the inner ear pieces into the center of the outer ear pieces.

To finish, you’ll need to add eyes and a mouth. If you’re using a marker, you’ll need to draw the mouth, and the ears. If you’re using a paint pen, you’ll need to draw the teeth.

To decorate, you can add a pom pom to the back of the roll. You can also make a pom pom to form a bunny’s butt.

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